Al-Ruwaishan stresses importance of intensifying efforts to maintain Sana’a Inte’l Airport campus

The Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defense Affairs, Chairman of the Main Technical Committee for the Conservation of Sana’a Airport Campus and Territories, General Jalal Al-Ruwaishan, stressed the importance of cooperation and intensified efforts to preserve the territory and campus of Sana’a International Airport.

At a meeting of the main technical committee to preserve the land and campus of Sana’a International Airport Tuesday, General al-Ruwaishan said, “We have a responsibility in the technical committee that must be completed in coordination with the relevant authorities to prevent the modernization and indiscriminate construction on the grounds and campus of the airport.”

Sana’a International Airport provides humanitarian and air traffic services to all Yemeni people. He pointed out that the development of indiscriminate construction and its rise in the airport campus is a legal violation that must be prevented and removed in the public interest and Sana’a airport in particular.

The Main Technical Committee was working on several tracks across the four subcommittees established at the Committee’s first meeting. Urge the committees to work professionally in accordance with laws and legislation that require all to implement in order to preserve the airport’s campus and land.

“After declaring and extending the humanitarian truce, the world became the hub of the Sana’a airport and therefore the problems of the airport campus and land must be solved and its readiness maintained.”

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