Syrian Army Checkpoint Intercepts US Military Convoy in Oil-rich Hasakah

A Syrian army checkpoint has blocked a US military convoy that was attempting to pass through the northeastern province of Hasakah, forcing it to retreat.

Local sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Syria’s official news agency SANA that a US convoy consisting of five vehicles was forced to make a U-turn after the checkpoint personnel intercepted it at the village of Qabr al-Gharajeneh in Qamishli city in Hasakah on Friday.

Hasakah has been the scene of several incidents of US military convoys being forced to change route or retreat.

People in Hasakah have blocked roads in a show of seething resentment over the presence of American troops in their region.

On March 21, local residents of several neighboring villages in the oil-rich province of Hasakah joined forces with government troops to block a US military convoy attempting to pass through the community.

Source: Press TV

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