Major General Al-Razami regrets for the behavior of the other side, which obstructs the consultations

Major General Yahya Abdullah Al-Razami, Chairman of the Military Committee for the Jordan discussions on Friday denounced the behavior of the Saudi-led coalition’s delegation in obstruction the course of UN-sponsored consultations.

This came during his with the Deputy United Nations Representative in the capital, Amman.

Major General Al-Razami said the absence of the coalition-backed delegation to date was part of a series of complications to block any progress in the course of discussions, especially regarding the reopening of roads in Taiz province.

“We have no longer any explanation for all these complications made by the coalition-backed side party other than that they are seriousness in alleviating the suffering of the people of Taiz, especially after the initiative we have put forward,” he said.

“The insistence of the coalition-backed delegation on a particular road and its disregard for other roads, which are a clear and logical solution to facilitate the passage of citizens and vehicles in Taiz as a first step,” he said, affirming the intentions of the other side are neither a road problem nor a human relationship but other aggressive purposes.

Al-Razami further affirmed that meeting such requirements was a comprehensive solution, not a temporary truce, whose provisions were clear to all.

“We are determined to open the roads listed in the National Initiative unilaterally upon our return to the capital, Sanaa, ” he stated.

He pointed out that this comes in the context of their concern to alleviate the suffering of the children of Taiz.

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