Palestinian resistance forces fire 100+ rockets at Tel Aviv, other settlements

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement has fired more than 100 rockets toward the occupied territories after the Zionist occupation regime assassinated one of the movement’s senior commanders during a massacre on Friday.

The movement called the retaliatory barrage only an “initial response” to the ‘Israeli’ bloodbath that left more than 15 people martyred, including the commander and five-year-old child, in the city of Rafah which is located in the southern part of the Tel Aviv-blockaded Gaza Strip.

“As an initial response to the killing of senior commander Taysir al-Jaabari and his brethren martyrs… the al-Quds Brigade covered Tel Aviv, central cities, and areas surrounding Gaza with more than 100 rockets,” the Islamic Jihad’s military wing said in a statement on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad Secretary General, Ziad al-Nakhala said the Zionist enemy must expect a “non-stop” confrontation in the wake of the Friday aggression.

There will be no truce following this attack, the Islamic Jihad official said. All resistance groups must struggle under one flag in this fight, Nakhala underlined.

Hamas also said that the ‘Zionit’ enemy “committed a new crime” and must “pay its price.”

The Palestinian Health Ministry said that over 80 people had also been injured in the Zionist attack earlier on Friday .

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