The Ministry of Human Rights responds to the fallacies of the United Nations about the situation of Yemeni children

The Ministry of  Human Rights held a press conference in response to the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the situation of Yemeni children.

The Chargé d’Affairs of the Ministry, Ali Al-Dailami, said: We are shocked by what was stated in the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on violations against Yemeni children, noting that it contained significant and clear inaccuracies.

Al-Dailami pointed out that the report deliberately ignored and avoided mentioning many of the aggressor parties, in addition to the fact that the monitoring and reporting mechanisms adopted by the report are unknown, unclear and not based on the evidence referred to.

He pointed out that the Secretary-General’s report spoke of multiple parties and mostly ignored the crimes of the aggression, which are the main cause of the tragedies of Yemen’s children.

The Minister added that: The United Nations only interacts with countries that have money and dollars, and here lies the problem, adding that we are talking about more than 8,000 children who were not mentioned in the report.

He continued: The report put the crimes in one basket without naming the perpetrators, which are methods and ploys they adopted in their reports with double standards, noting that the report ignored the crimes of depriving children of education and the victims of the siege that were originally confirmed by United Nations reports.

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