30 Palestinian Civilians Injured by Israeli Live Bullets in Violent Clashes in Nablus

30 Palestinian Civilians Injured by Israeli Live Bullets in Violent Clashes in Nablus

30 Palestinian Civilians Injured by Israeli Live Bullets in Violent Clashes in Nablus 

News – Middle East: At least 30 Palestinian civilians were wounded with Israeli live bullets, including four in serious condition, Tuesday, after the Zionist enemy forces stormed the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, besieging a house and targeting it with missiles.

Palestinian sources reported that violent clashes erupted between the enemy forces and resistance fighters in the old city of Nablus after the occupation army surrounded a house.

“Heavy gunfire heard in Nablus as Israeli occupation forces lay siege to a house of resistance fighter Ibrahim Nabulsi,” Palestinian media.

The sources explained that forces of the occupation army stormed the eastern quarter of the old city in Nablus, and surrounded a building in the area, firing live bullets at the youths extensively, and prevented ambulance crews from transferring the injured citizens.

The city’s Red Crescent announced that it had transferred four citizens, including a woman, from Al-Faqous neighborhood in the Old City.

The forces that were deployed at all the entrances to the Old City closed the downtown area, while a helicopter accompanied the military operation. According to sources in the Old City, the sounds of explosions shook the Old City, amid the storming of new forces into the city and military reinforcements at the entrances to the Old City.

According to Palestinian media, Nablus Old City becomes a battlefield as fighters of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Al-Quds Brigades confront Israeli assault.

Earlier on Monday, Hamas said the Palestinian resistance front will not quit fighting Israel until the occupied territories are fully liberated.

The resistance movement’s spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, said in a press briefing on Sunday that Israel’s latest episode of brutality against the besieged Gaza Strip was criminal and provocative, adding that it was “another round of the ongoing and intense confrontation with the Israeli occupying regime.”

Barhoum said what happened in Gaza was proof that normalization with Israel poses a great danger to the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights.

Hamas has time and again censured Arab states over signing normalization agreements with Israel. The resistance movement says the regime is exploiting the deals in order to press ahead with its aggression against Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere across the region.

Tensions have skyrocketed across the coastal sliver and the occupied territories since Friday, when Israel carried out airstrikes against Gaza City. Over 40 people, more than a dozen children included, have been killed.

Two commanders of the Islamic Jihad movement have also been killed.

Gaza’s Health Ministry says more than 300 people have been wounded.

The Islamic Jihad has responded by firing hundreds of rockets towards the occupied territories.

An Egypt-brokered truce took effect on Sunday at 11:30 p.m. local time (20:30 GMT). Islamic Jihad confirmed the timing of the ceasefire, but said it “reserves the right to respond to any Zionist aggression.”

The escalation was the worst to involve the two sides since the regime’s last war on the enclave that took place in May 2021.


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