Governor of Aden: the Occupied Areas Witnessing Racist Practices that Serve the Objectives of the Occupation

In a statement to Al-Masirah today, Wednesday, Salam said: The UAE appears today as an agent for US and Britain to loot the oil and gas revolutions in Shabwa and Marib, pointing out that it aims from this escalation to ensure the arrival of gas through the pipeline extending from Marib to Balhaf.

He pointed out that the coalition of aggression depends on the exchange of roles, and that “Islah Party” paper ended today, and the coalition is working to eliminate it, advising “Islah” to return to the ranks of the people and take shelter in it, especially after recent events that show that it has become a target of the coalition.

He appealed to the peace of the tribes in the occupied governorates, saying: “The occupation targets tribal ties and values, and they must rise to defend their heritage and history,” noting that the scheme of sedition will not stop in Shabwa but will head to Marib and Hadramout, as it is rich in oil and gas resources.

He considered the so-called “presidential council” to be a council of war, stressing that its aim is to mislead the image and show the aggression as a Yemeni-Yemeni war.

تليقرام انصار الله
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