Transport Minister inspects Al-Salif, Ras Issa ports in Hodeida

Minister of Transport Abdulwahab Al-Durra paid an inspection visit to Al-Salif port and Ras Issa port in Hodeida province.

During a meeting held in Al-Salif port, the Transport Minister discussed with the officials at the port the port’s activity and its needs and operational requirements, and the difficulties that the port is facing as a result of the aggression and siege.

Al-Durra affirmed his ministry’s keenness to enhance and rehabilitate Al-Salif Port by providing the necessary needs and supporting the efforts and development projects that the Red Sea Ports Corporation seeks to implement.

The Minister of Transport also inspected the situation at Ras Issa port, which stopped working after it was targeted by the US-Saudi aggression in mid-2017.

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