163 violations of UN-declared military, humanitarian truce recorded in Yemen

The US-Saudi aggression coalition forces and their mercenaries have committed 163 violations of the humanitarian and military truce, a military source said.

According to the military source, 37 armed reconnaissance aircrafts flew over Marib, Taiz, Hodeida, al-Jawf, Hajjah, Saada, Dhalea provinces and border fronts.

The source pointed out that six breaches included an infiltration attempt of aggression’s mercenaries in north of Hays district in Hodeida.

He also confirmed that 24 violations by artillery shelling were recorded at the army’s sites in Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Saada, Hodeida and border fronts.

The source mentioned that an artillery bombardment attacked the army’s sites in Al-Bq Al-Sharqi and Malaa areas of Marib, Haradh, Bani Hassan areas of Hajjah, Munabeh, Al-Madafin and Al-Malaheedh districts of Saada.

The source pointed out that an artillery shelling targeted sites of the Yemeni army in north and east of Hays district in Hodeida, Al-Kamb Al-Qadim in Al-Amood of Wadi Jara and Jabal Twailq of Jizan border province.

In addition, the source declared that 91 breaches were recorded, with heavy shooting at citizens’ homes and sites of the army and popular committees in Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Saada, Hodeida, Dhalea and border fronts.

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