The armed forces in Yemen reveal new missiles and systems

Air Defense

The air defense of the Yemeni army and the popular committees also revealed “Miraj” missile, which is developed from Badr-1-P missile, and it works with solid fuel, and with two thermal and radar systems, which is not affected by interference.

The air defense unveiled  “Saqr” missile, which has a speed of up to 200 meters per second.

Three air defense missile systems were also revealed: “Sadiq,” “Haidar,” and a P-19 radar, which are detection and tracking systems for hostile targets.

With regard to drones, the Air Force revealed a kidnapper 2 aircraft, equipped with a target sensing system, and carrying out offensive tactical tasks, and used against the mechanisms and armored vehicles of the aggression, in addition to  Mersad 2 aircraft, which is a reconnaissance aircraft, which takes off vertically, and has the ability to fly for 8 hours.



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