Yemen holds the greatest Military parade in the region in commemorating the September 21 revolution (Pictures)

For seven years, Yemenis have been celebrating the anniversary of the September 21 revolution, the anniversary of liberation from foreign tutelage and the achievement of national independence, despite the global resentment announced by Washington a few months after its success, whoem has been trying to restore tutelage. However, over the years, the revolution is now stronger and more stable than ever. Yemenis continue to work to achieve the September 21 goals.

In the Yemeni capital, 70th Square, the eighth anniversary of the liberation revolution was held, with a bulky military show, the largest in the history of Yemen and the largest in the Arab region.

The grand military parade is distinguished by the fact that it possesses locally made military industries, in addition to hundreds of modern military equipment and technologies.

Tens of thousands of fighters, hundreds of vehicles, armored vehicles, helicopters and drones, and various types of modern weapons were revealed in that military parade.

In the parade, it is seen how accurate the organization and arrangement of the armies with their various naval, land and air forces and other forces specialized in several combat fields.

The entry of the President of the Supreme Political Council, Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat to the parade was on board an Emirati armored vehicle that was seized in one of the battles of the West Coast, which was intended to show mockery of the forces of the coalition of aggression and their mercenaries.

The Reveal of Homemade Deterrent Weapons

During the largest military parade, the national armed forces unveiled various systems of strategic deterrence weapons, including ballistic and winged missiles, drones, air defense missiles and naval missiles.

The Missile Force unit revealed the “Badr 2” missile (2nd generation of the Badr missiles), which is short-range and works with solid fuel, as well as the “Badr 3” missile (3rd generation of the Badr missiles), and is a medium-range missile that works with solid fuel.

The missile force also revealed the “Hatam” ballistic missile (4th generation of the Badr missiles), long-range and solid-fuel, as well as the “Karar” ballistic missile, with a range of 300 km, that operates on solid fuel with an intelligent guidance system, and the weight of its warhead is half a ton.


The missile force also revealed the “Quds 3”, a winged, long-range cruise missile that operates on liquid fuel, and is distinguished by its ability to hide from radar detection, and the “Falaq” ballistic missile, a long-range liquid-fuel missile that carries several warheads.

In the maritime field, the missile force unveiled the “Red Sea” missile, developed from the Sa`ir missile, operating with two thermal and radar systems, and characterized by its high speed. The other rocket is called “Moheet” missile, developed from the Qaher 2M missile, which operates on solid and liquid fuel and is characterized by its ability to work under all weather conditions.

The missile force revealed a locally-made solid-fuel “Asef” missile, with an intelligent guidance and control system, and the weight of its warhead exceeds half a ton, as well as advanced warships of the Asif 1, Asif 2, Asif 3, Toufan 1, Toufan 2, Toufan 3, and navigation boats, as well as the New sea mines of the Masjor 1, Masjor 2, and Thageb mines.

Military sources confirm that the new boats are characterized by their high speed and ability to maneuver, and carry a variety of weapons and offensive and defensive tasks against fixed or moving targets.

As for the air defense, the missile force announced the new “Miraj” missile, developed from the Badr P-1 solid-fuel missile, with two thermal and radar systems, which is not affected by interference. Also, the “Saqr” missile, which has a speed of up to 200 meters per second. As for the detection and tracking systems of hostile targets, three systems were introduced: “Sadiq”, “Haydar”, and the P-19 radar.

In addition, the Air Force revealed the Khatef 2 UAV, equipped with a sensor for its targets, and is used to carry out offensive tactical tasks and against armored vehicles of the aggression. The other plane is called Mersad 2, a reconnaissance UAV, which takes off vertically and has the ability to fly for 8 hours.

The armed forces unveiled the “Hani” armored vehicle in memory of the martyr Hani Tomer, which is offensive and defensive, characterized by its speed and when engaging in attacks.

The weapons during the parade included (Hatim), (Falaq), (Haidar), (Red Sea), (Miraj), (Quds3), (Thaqeb 3), and (Saqr 1) missiles.

The Yemeni Army Is a Regional Power

Senior leaders of the National Salvation Government affirm that building the armed forces and their strategic development to the extent that they have become a regional force is one of the most prominent goals of the September 21 revolution.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defense Affairs, Lieutenant-General Jalal Al-Ruwaishan, confirmed that the armed forces are ready to fight in wider battles, pointing out that “our weapons achieve a balance of terror with the enemy, and the security of Yemen today is an influential factor in regional and international security.”

In a statement to the Almaisrah, Al-Ruwaishan said, “We are facing an aggression that only understands the language of force, and the level of deterrence our forces have reached is enough to stop the aggression and end the siege,” noting that the military institution was able to maintain a good level after the revolution and developed its capabilities.

Military analysts describe Yemen’s largest military parade in Al-70th Square as a historic event, unparalleled at the local and regional levels.

They assert that the development of military capabilities in the shadow of global aggression and an unjust siege is like a miracle that history will immortalize in its brightest pages.

It is noteworthy that many local and international media circulated the scenes and pictures taken during the military parade in 70th Square commemorating the eighth anniversary of the September 21 revolution, the revolution of freedom and independence.

All pictures of the military parade held in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a

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