FM: The state of no war and no peace is unacceptable

Sana’a reiterated its rejection of the state of “no war, no peace” that the US-Saudi aggression coalition wants to impose under the cover of the temporary truce, calling on the international community to stop negatively dealing with the Yemeni file and leave the misconceptions and wrong descriptions that support the continuation of the aggression and siege.

In a letter sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Salvation to the countries participating in the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Minister Hisham Sharaf stressed that the international response to the Yemeni file is still negative, given that the people of Yemen are still suffering from brutal military aggression and a comprehensive siege and are living the worst humanitarian disaster for eight years, in full view of the world’s leaders.

The message sheds light on the misrepresentations and misperceptions perpetuated by the coalition of aggression and its sponsors to justify the war and siege, where Sharaf clarified that “what Yemen is suffering from is not an internal conflict or a civil war as the countries of aggression are trying to portray to the world, but rather a military aggression and a comprehensive siege that violates all international covenants.”

“The countries of aggression are practicing a war of annihilation and systematic destruction of Yemen under a flimsy pretext called (the restoration of constitutional legitimacy), which the aggression replaced with a council it called (the Presidential Leadership Council).

The President of the Republic, Mahdi Al-Mashat, had recently called on the international community to stop adopting misconceptions and descriptions regarding Yemen, in order to move towards real peace.

The foreign minister’s message notified that the countries of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition are engaging in an economic war and pursuing a systematic policy of starvation and destruction against the Yemeni people by cutting salaries, destroying the value of Yemen’s currency, and besieging the port of Hodeidah and Sanaa airport.

He also stressed that the coalition of aggression is also working to stir up regional strife and fuel conflicts in Yemen, for they are trying to dismantle the country, both popularly and geographically.

Minister Sharaf also pointed out that the countries of aggression support and arm the so-called “Al-Qaeda” and “ISIS”, and are merging them with their military formations to threaten the unity of Yemen and international peace and security in the Bab al-Mandab region and the southern Red Sea.

Regarding the peace file, the Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that Sanaa’s position is clear and that there is no ambiguity in its desire to end the military aggression and lift the comprehensive siege in order to reach a peaceful political settlement, peace and sustainability.

“Attempts by the countries of aggression to weaken the current truce and evade the implementation of its requirements and keep the country in a state of no war and no peace is totally rejected and cannot be accepted,” the minister confirmed.

The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, recently renewed the call of the coalition of aggression to respond to the requirements of actual peace, which include ending the aggression, siege and occupation, in addition to addressing the files of war, emphasizing the impossibility of changing this equation or replacing it with any other “deals” the enemy is trying to pass under the pretext of the armistice.

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