UAE seeks to pass an international resolution to divide Yemen in sake of looting its wealth: Detailed Report

After stealing Yemen’s oil and gas and selling it to Germany a few days ago, the UAE state started a new movement in the UN Security Council and the United Nations, through which it seeks to pass a new project to divide Yemen.

Diplomatic sources from the United Nations reported that the UAE presented a resolution to the delegates of the member states of the Council that includes returning Yemen to before May 22, 1990, in reference to its division into two states in the north and south.

The UAE state aims, through this new project, according to the sources, to maintain its control over the most important areas of Yemeni oil and gas in the occupied southern and eastern governorates of the country. This way, the UAE can ensure the flow of European funds, especially German ones, to its treasury by selling Yemen’s fuel and gas. It is noteworthy that the UAE signed an agreement a few days ago with Berlin to export oil and gas that is being stolen from Yemen. Another reason to divide Yemen would be to maintain control over Yemen’s strategic islands and ports in the south of the country, which extend from the Red Sea in the west to the island of Socotra.

The sources indicated that the majority of members of the Security Council rejected the Emirati criminal project against the Yemeni people, while some members who support Abu Dhabi’s criminal policy in Yemen requested that they be given a month as an opportunity to study the project and respond to it, perhaps in line with the desire of the regime in the Emirates.

According to observers, the UAE state is trying, through this project, to anticipate the end of its rotating presidency of the Security Council by passing the resolution and establishing its presence in Yemeni lands with the support of its militias in the occupied south.

Moreover, the observers stress that the UAE’s decision completely contradicts what was stated in the statements of the Security Council and the United Nations and the statement of the Quartet, which all affirmed, from the very outset of the war on Yemen, to support the unity, stability and territorial integrity of the Republic of Yemen.

The UAE state has been working for eight years to establish and support criminal separatist groups in southern Yemen with money and weapons and tried to impose a new reality that enabled these groups to control the land in a deliberate effort to re-divide Yemen so that they could continue to plunder its wealth.

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