Minister of Transport: The world on the brink of an unprecedented maritime disaster, and the aggression coalition  bears the responsibility

Posted on September 30, 2022
Ansarollah website – Sana’a –


The Minister of Transport, Major General Abdel Wahab Al-Durra, blamed the coalition of aggression for the deterioration of the situation of  Safer ship and for the world to stand on the brink of an unprecedented maritime disaster.

The Minister of Transport told Al-Masirah today, Friday, that “the coalition of aggression suspended maintenance operations for years, as about 72 sailors and engineers were working on the ship, who were in charge of maintenance operations.”

Al-Durra expected that the maintenance of “Safer” will begin in early October, with the completion of the pledges for the first phase, amounting to $75 million with the United Nations, pointing out that the first phase includes withdrawing crude oil from “Safer” to chartered vessels and then returning the stock to a new floating tank as a second stage.

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