Aggression Coalition violates UN truce 170 times in 24 hours

The US-Saudi aggression coalition forces and its mercenaries committed 170 violations of the UN-sponsored humanitarian and military truce, during 24 hours.

According to a military source explained that the coalition’s violations included 45 flights of spy drones and warplanes over the governorates of Marib, Taiz, al-Jawf, Hajjah, Saada, Dhalea, Hodeida and the border fronts.

The source confirmed that the coalition’s mercenaries developed new military fortifications in Hodeida and Taiz governorates.

The source indicated that 30 violations were monitored as the mercenaries fired artillery shells on the sites of the Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees, in Marib, Hajjah, Saada, Hodeida and border fronts.

The source stated that the mercenaries committed 81 breaches by firing on the homes of citizens and the sites of the army and the popular committees in the governorates of Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Saada, Dhalea, Hodeida, and the border front.

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