Armed forces give foreign oil companies in UAE, Saudi Arabia last chance to leave

Sanaa armed forces have warned on all foreign oil companies operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia not to continue their business and leave the two countries as soon as people.

“The armed forces give oil companies operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia an opportunity to organize their situation and leave as long as the American-Saudi aggression countries are not committed to a truce that gives the Yemeni people the right to exploit their oil wealth in favor of the salary of the Yemeni state employees,” the spokesperson for Yemeni armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie said in a tweet on his twitter account on Sunday.

He added, “forewarned is forearmed.”

Brigadier General Sarie stressed that the Yemeni armed forces are able to deprive the Saudi and Emirati of their resources if they insist on depriving Yemeni people of their resources.

“Everything is possible and incoming, because Yemeni people’s stance is right and they have the power to take their right once the peaceful roads have been blocked,” he stated.

This comes as the first warning from the armed forces, a few hours after the UN-brokered has expired, without any agreement to extend it due to the intransigence and evasion of the Saudi-led coalition.

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