After truce: Yemen threatens to target oil companies in Saudi Arabia and UAE

The time period for the temporary UN armistice, which was renewed three consecutive times, has ended after the failure of extending it more. It ended yesterday, Sunday, at 6:00 PM (local time). It is worth noting that the national delegation has also released a statement last Saturday to explain why the truce reached a dead end, pointing out it was because of the Saudi aggression refusal to allow the basic rights of the Yemeni people.

The temporary UN armistice began on the second of last April, and was extended twice after that, last June and August, and it expired yesterday. It witnessed major violations by the aggression that did not abide by its terms.

Al-Arabiya channel deleted a highlight claiming that a new armistice agreement had been reached in the last hours before the end of the truce, after the head of the national delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, stated that this information was incorrect and that no truce was established, noting that the national delegation has made this issue clear yesterday on its statement.

The Saudi-led aggressive coalition tried to promote false news by agreeing to a new truce with the aim of creating a state of confusion in public opinion. The head of the national negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulslam, said, “There is no truth to what was reported by some malicious media about an agreement to extend the truce.” Abdulsalam added, “We previously clarified our position and the demands of our Yemeni people regarding the extension of the armistice in a statement issued by the national delegation.”

The truce ended with the expiration of the time specified for the humanitarian and military truce sponsored by the United Nations to stop all offensive military operations inside Yemen and across its borders.

The national negotiating delegation said in its statement yesterday that “the acceptance of the first and second extension of the armistice was in the hope that there would be even a small chance of responsibility by the aggression countries and their mercenaries,” but the aggression did not have the slightest sense of responsibility and no understanding of the issues of the Yemeni people.

The statement of the national delegation considered that “the countries of aggression do not want peace as much as they want to be safe from the repercussions of the war, direct targeting, and besieging it inside Yemen.

In the first hours after the end of the temporary truce, the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, warned the shipping and oil companies operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, giving them a deadline to leave so that they would not be exposed to risks.

The spokesman for the armed forces confirmed that the armed forces give the oil companies operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia an opportunity to prepare and leave as long as the countries of the “aggression coalition” are not committed to the truce.

” The Armed Forces offer oil companies operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia a chance to arrange their position and leave as long as the countries of the American-Saudi aggression are not committed to a truce that grants the Yemeni people the right to exploit their oil wealth for the benefit of the Yemeni state employees’ salary,” the spokesman of the army warned.

Saree added: “Our armed forces are able to deprive the Saudis and Emiratis of their resources if they insist on depriving our Yemeni people of their resources.”

He continued, warning: “Everything is possible, because the position of our people is right, and it has the ability to take its right whenever peaceful paths are blocked in front of it…so stay with us.”

In the first hours after the end of the truce, the coalition of aggression injected a huge amount of lies and propaganda through which it tried to appear eager for peace and the truce and deliberately affect public opinion through the lies that it has been spreading.

Yesterday, the head of the Political Council sent a notice to all companies and entities that they must once and for all stop looting the Yemeni sovereign wealth.

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