UN Envoy: No Agreement Reached on Truce Extension in Yemen

underscoring that they can extract their rights that are being looted by the aggression and its mercenaries.

It is noteworthy that on Saturday, the Sanaa negotiating delegation pointed out that “its acceptance of the first and second extensions of the armistice was in the hope that there would be the slightest sense of responsibility or understanding on the part of the countries of the Saudi-led coalition of aggression and their mercenaries.”

“During the six months of the armistice, we did not see any seriousness in prioritizing the humanitarian issue, and since the start of the truce, despite delays, we were keen on not missing any opportunity that could lead to peace,” the delegation indicated in a statement.

Over the past seven years, Yemen has been the target of ongoing aggression led by the Saudi coalition. Over 46,000 died as a result of the aggression, among which are 4017 children, 2434 women, and 11,283 men, while the number of wounded reached 28,528 wounded, including 4,586 children, 2,911 women, and 10,032 men.

Yemen has also suffered several losses of fuel ships that were seized in complete disregard of the violations of the temporary armistice. As of today, the number of seized ships is 14.

Source: Agencies (edited by Al-Manar English Website)

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