On the Prophet’s birthday anniversary, General Authority for Zakat launches 17 projects worth over 10 billion riyals

The General Authority for Zakat launched 17 projects worth more than 10.3 billion riyals, on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday anniversary, 1444 AH.

The projects of the Zakat Authority included laying the foundation stone for the Al-Nabi Al-Akram Hospital for Kidney Diseases, with a value of 3.6 billion riyals, the sixth phase of the “Al-Gharimein” project, with a total of 1.5 billion riyals, and the third group wedding project for 8,000 grooms and brides, with a total of three billion riyals, and a project to support the dialysis center in the Al-Jamhouri hospital in Sa’ada province with 13,000 dialysis sessions, and eight dialysis machines with a value of 300 million riyals.

The projects also included a food baskets project for the disabled from the army personnel, with a total of 247 million riyals, a project to support the Esnad Medical Hospital for “psychiatric patients” with a total of 192 million riyals, a project to disburse cash assistance to 9,000 poor families in Sa’ada with a total of 185 million riyals, and a food baskets project for families of war prisoners and missing persons at a cost of 103,824,000 riyals, and the distribution of aid to 2,500 displaced families in Hodeida province from the districts of Hays, Al-Khokha, and Jabal Ras at a value of 75 million riyals.

The Authority’s projects to contribute to the reconstruction of damaged houses in the city of Al-Durayhimi in Hodeida “Phase One” included 100 houses at a cost of 70 million riyals, the establishment of six medical camps in the provinces of Rayma, Hodeida, Hajjah, Dhamar, and Ibb with a total of 60 million riyals, a cash aid project for members of the Palestinian community At a cost of 25 million riyals, and a project to support orphans care in the Capital Municipality with a total of 20 million riyals, in addition to cash assistance to 200 displaced families from Shabwa province with a total of 10 million riyals, and supporting the charity bakery in Al-Durayhimi district in Hodeida with ten million riyals, and other charitable projects.

In the festive event organized by the authority on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday anniversary, Jaber Al-Wahbani, member of the Supreme Political Council, confirmed that the celebration of this occasion is an embodiment of the meanings of the true religion, which requires everyone to adhere to its guidance.

Al-Wahbani praised the efforts of the Zakat Authority, which has played a humanitarian role since its establishment and the role of all those who spent and contributed to the payment of zakat, including business and Zakat payers.

He stressed that the performance of Zakat and its spending in its fields is an important factor in addressing the humanitarian and social conditions through the implementation of projects in all fields.

تليقرام انصار الله
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