Protests in Hodeidah condemning piracy against fishermen

Today, Friday, the districts of Al-Hodeidah province organized vigils after Friday prayers, denouncing the piracy against Yemeni fishermen.

They stressed that piracy against Yemeni fishermen in the Red Sea, carried out by the forces of the coalition of aggression and its mercenaries, is part of the coalition’s crimes in its unjust war on Yemen. The war has been going on for nearly eight year, in light of a shameful international silence.

Statements issued by the demonstrations denounced all inhumane practices against the Yemeni people, including the fishermen, for whom the sea is a source of livelihood for them and their families.

The statements condemned the systematic looting of fisheries in the Red Sea by the coalition of aggression, calling for taking all necessary measures to prevent the looting of fisheries in the Red Sea, and their illegal dredging under the protection of the battleships of aggression.

In the stand, the first representative of the governorate, Ahmed Al-Bishri, affirmed the Yemeni people’s rejection of the criminal practices carried out by the aggression and its tools against the fishermen, including kidnapping, physical attacks, confiscation of their boats, and not allowing them to practice their job in Yemeni territorial waters.

The representative Al-Bishri praised the steadfastness of the fishermen, despite the risks and attacks they are exposed to by the US-Saudi aggression, stressing that with their steadfastness, they have showed the world the extent of their adherence to their rights by practicing their profession and having national sovereignty.

قد يعجبك ايضا