1,666 remnants of the aggression during last October discovered and collected


Posted on November 12, 2022
Ansarollah website – Sana’a –

The Executive Center for Mine Action was able to discover and collect 1,666 remnants of war during the month of October.
A report issued by the Center stated in a report that these remnants included 308 anti-tank mines, 15 explosive materials, nine explosive devices, and 1,330 assorted shells.

It stated that the center began carrying out a (preliminary) non-technical survey in three districts in Al-Bayda Governorate, where 36 areas contaminated with remnants of war were identified, with an area of ​​670,000 square meters, indicating that 171,000 square meters were marked as mined fields.

The report confirmed that the teams of the Executive Center in Hodeidah governorate cleared an area of ​​142,728 square meters of war remnants.

The center pointed out that the number of beneficiaries of awareness-raising activities on the dangers of mines and remnants of war reached 88,755 citizens, displaced people and children in 11 districts in three governorates.


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