The US-UK-France Joint Statement attempt to push for escalation

It has been common for the US-Saudi aggressors to scream and cry after every painful deterrence messages implemented by the armed forces. These operations by the Yemeni army can either be the targeting of the mercenaries affiliated with the aggression at Yemeni lands, or responding to the forces of aggression, or preventing and thwarting the attempt to loot Yemeni oil wealth.

But what is ironic and laughable is the issuance of the P3 joint statement, by those who are the spearhead participating in the aggression against Yemen since its first day. For nearly eight years, they have been trying to falsify the international awareness as well as the people of Yemen that they are keen on the interests of the Yemenis. Nevertheless, they’re committing the most heinous atrocities, continue the siege, and loot Yemen’s oil and gas resources in full view of the hypocritical world.

This time, the statement of the US, UK and France came after the armed forces thwarted an attempt to loot crude oil through the port of Qena in Shabwa Governorate, which is used by the enemy for smuggling, after several warning messages were sent to them.

In a statement, the armed forces reiterated their commitment to protecting the sovereign national wealth as one of the rights of the oppressed Yemeni people, and on top of those rights are the salaries of state employees in all Yemeni regions.

Attempt to escalate

The countries of the axis of evil, through their absurd statements, seek to push towards escalation and resumption of war, in addition to making commercial investment and commercial interests at the expense of the suffering of the Yemeni people, and this was confirmed by a member of the national negotiating delegation Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri on Friday evening, who noted that Western statements on Yemen are an attempt to push towards escalation and resumption of war.

Al-Ajri pointed out that the statements of America, France and Britain regarding the operations of the armed forces lost any political value.

Al-Ajri indicated that when events conflict with Western interests, they remember international law and the safety of sea lanes, but when it is in line with their interests, they forget any laws. He also explained that the United Nations has lost the real influence in achieving peace and has become part of the conflict management tools.

A member of the national delegation Al-Ajri pointed out that Yemen’s Armed Forces has warned the ships to not approach the occupied ports, and oil exports must stop until the issue of salaries is agreed upon, noting that the Yemeni army announced its red lines. In addition, he stresses that the West, America and France forcing red lines to not be crossed in the region and the world does not work anymore. He noted that America no longer has the final say in the region, and the Yemeni people and the countries of the region have their own red lines, and with regard to Yemen, oil is a red line until the issue of salaries is resolved.

A malicious role of looting oil wealth

Observers stressed that America, Britain and France are the ones who led the peace consultations fail, after it had reached a good level. In addition, these aggressive countries are doing everything possible to prevent the Yemeni people’s salaries from being disbursed.

Observers pointed out that the statement of France, America and Britain, which condemned Sana’a’s prevention of stopping oil theft from the port of Qena in Shabwa, and before it the Dabba port in Hadramout reveals the malicious role of those countries in the siege of Yemen and the looting of its oil wealth, and that mercenaries are just tools that practice looting for the benefit of these countries.

Observers pointed out that the P3 joint statement also reveals the falsehood of these countries’ and humanitarian claims, because the suffering of the Yemeni people is mainly resulted from the interruption of salaries and the cessation of operating expenses for vital sectors, and this is not hidden from them.

To sum up, the Yemeni people today have become more aware, immunized, stronger, and adherent to their faith identity. They are also aware of those who stand in the way of their interests, and seek to thwart the armistice consultations and the payment of salaries. The US nor the UK will prevent the people of Yemen from getting its rights back, and the liberation of its national wealth, despite all the challenges. The aggression forces along with their mercenaries should understand this well, and move forward with achieving a just peace in Yemen, or they will regret it.

قد يعجبك ايضا