A new normalization scandal of the mercenary government with the Israeli entity


Posted on November 22, 2022

Ansarollah website – Follow-ups –


A new step taken by the mercenary government towards normalization with the Israeli enemy entity, during its participation in the “Manama Dialogue” conference in Bahrain.


And pro-aggression media published pictures that showed the mercenary government’s foreign minister, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, along with “Israeli” National Security Adviser Eyal Holata in one of the official sessions of the Manama Dialogue Conference.


This position has met with widespread popular resentment as it is inconsistent with our religious and moral values, since the Palestinian issue is the central issue of the nation, and neglecting it is considered an alienation from the Islamic religion.. The masses of our people affirmed that the step reveals the real goals of the aggression against Yemen, the most important of which is the subjection of the country to American and Israeli hegemony.

It is worth noting that this step is not the first, as the former foreign minister in the mercenary government, Khaled Al-Yamani, had previously appeared in the same conference in its previous version, sitting next to “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and then Al-Yamani rushed to present the microphone to Netanyahu after the microphone assigned to him had failed, This prompted the latter to consider this as one of the fruits of normalization with Yemen.

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