Saudi crimes backed by an American-European green light

Saudi Arabia commits various types of crimes and human rights violations without deterrence and under American and European cover. History always recounts Western hypocrisy in dealing with issues in a manner that serves its interests at the expense of man and humanity.

The Saudi regime has been involved, throughout the years of its aggressive war against Yemen, in committing horrific crimes against children and women. According to the United Nations, more than half of the people killed in the conflict in Yemen are children and women. In light of this obvious crime, the Americans come to practice hypocrisy clearly by calling on the Saudi regime, the “culprit” to conduct an investigation into his of crime of targeting a bus of children in Saada, north of Yemen, by US-Saudi jets!!

In this article, we will list some of the Saudi crimes, both internally and externally, in light of the silence and support of America and Western countries

Saudi crimes in its war on Yemen

7 years of absurd war on Yemen, and the Saudi coalition continues to commit massacres against thousands of defenseless civilians, targeting children, stealing wealth, barbarically destroying homes, markets and infrastructure, and imposing a land, sea and air blockade to rob Yemenis of all their means of life. During these years, countless massacres and crimes have been committed by the Saudi war machine, and we will not mention them all here, but we can mention the eight-year-old girl Buthaina, a symbol of the war, who lost her parents, her uncle, her four sisters and her only brother in a massacre committed by the Saudi aggression. Their house was hit by a Saudi missile in the Faj Attan neighborhood, southwest of the capital.

A picture of Buthaina hit the trend when she was trying to open her wounded right eye, and swelling and blood closed her left eye. The picture swept through social networking sites and the media, and was a witness to the attack of aggression. The crime of the Saudi coalition did not end here. Saudi Arabia kidnapped the girl, after they deceived her uncle through an affiliated institution, claiming that they would shoot a documentary about peace with them. In the year 2021, after the Yemeni negotiating team raised her name among the list of prisoners, the child Buthaina was released a day before the release of the prisoners.

Here, we must remember the massacre of Dahyan students on August 9, 2018, when the Saudi coalition planes bombed a school bus in a crowded market in Dahyan in Saada governorate, killing and injuring more than 120 children. The pictures of the crime show the school bags that the children wore, and it bore the UNICEF logo.

In the aftermath of this massacre, US lawmakers called for an investigation into the Pentagon’s role in supporting the Saudi coalition’s operations in Yemen. The American “CNN” network reported that the missile used by Saudi Arabia was American-made, weighing 227 kilograms, and was guided by laser beams, and it is part of the arms deal approved by the US State Department for Saudi Arabia. The question that arises here is where are the countries that raise the slogans of children’s rights And people and freedoms??

In fact, since the beginning of the Saudi-American aggression against Yemen, we notice that the international community gives Saudi Arabia and the UAE the green light to commit massacres and crimes that this international community classifies as war crimes. Washington is keen on this green light and to prevent any opportunity even to impose an international investigation or fact-finding mission on the aggression’s crimes against civilians in Yemen.

Moreover, the Saudi regime blackmailed the United Nations by threatening to stop financial support for the institutions of the international organization, as Saudi Arabia funds organizations such as the FAO, the World Health Organization and many more. A year and a half ago when Saudi Arabia’s name was placed on the blacklist for killing children, but after a few days, it was removed due to the Saudi threat to stop funding United Nations institutions.

The fact of the matter is that the Americans are practicing hypocrisy when they call on Saudi Arabia to investigate a crime that was carried out by Saudi planes in the targeting of the children’s but in Saada. They are asking the perpetrator to investigate a crime committed by the perpetrator himself. The American green light for Riyadh to commit war crimes and genocide in Yemen is reflected in dropping all draft resolutions and even statements in the Security Council that force Saudi Arabia to end this war. Likewise, all the American voices today that criticize the Trump administration against the backdrop of unlimited support for Saudi Arabia in its aggression are hypocritical voices, as they are issued by most of the politicians who held positions in the previous Obama administration and when they were in power, they were also keen on the continuation of Saudi crimes in Yemen between March 2015 Until the end of Obama’s term in January 2017.

Palestinian children are being killed under Saudi cover

The Palestinian scene is daily burdened by the crimes of the occupation against the children of Palestine, and it can be said that the Zionist massacre against the children of Palestine is open without ceiling, borders, or moral or international controls. The occupation army is supported mortally by many Arab countries that normalized relations with the Zionists, and Saudi Arabia is the major Islamic state in the Arab world that committed this agreement. It is not an exaggeration when we say that the Zionist crimes against the children of Palestine are an ideological methodology reflected by advance planning and monitoring, reinforced by the culture of massacres and ambushes of death.

Among the Zionists massacres is the massacre of Palestinian children committed by the special occupation brigades during the first Palestinian Intifada, and there is another massacre against them during the Al-Aqsa Intifada / 2000, and there are the children of Gaza who have been languishing for more than two thousand days under siege and heinous Zionist killing.

In addition, there are the explicit Israeli military instructions calling for the killing of Palestinian children when they are young, even before they reach the age of 11, or even when they are three or four months old, even while they are in their mothers’ wombs. The Palestinian children have become a permanent target for the Israeli killing machine, and Israeli policy has become more focused on killing Palestinian children.

The black record of the “Zionist holocausts against the children of Palestine” is getting darker and wider. With all this, we see today Saudi Arabia, led by Mohammed bin Salman, opening its doors to the Zionist entity, with American coordination. Is there a greater and more dangerous disgrace than this disgrace that Mohammed bin Salman makes against Arabs and Muslims….?!

The Saudi crimes against its own people

Although Mohammed bin Salman is not yet the crowned king in Saudi Arabia; The amount of human rights violations he has committed are enormous. Despite the relentless attempts by the Saudi regime to change the general picture about MBS blood-stained queen, who is associated with supporting terrorism and instability in the region, the great sins of MBS still burden him, and his record is still full of human rights violations.

In this context, reports indicate that over the past five years, Saudi surveillance, intimidation, and pursuit of Saudis on American soil intensified as the kingdom escalated repression under its de facto ruler, Mohammed bin Salman. While the British newspaper, The Independent, revealed in its report the violations that activist prisoners are subjected to in the Kingdom, stressing that “prisoners detained because of their opposition to the government are subjected to liquidation, sexual assault, torture, and exposure to sheer brutality.” The Grant Liberty Institute notes in a study it conducted that 311 activist prisoners have been arrested since MBS seized power.

While Mohammed bin Salman claims before the world that he is working on “reform” and improvement in the human rights record, the reality of the matter and the facts refute his claims and highlight that “Saudi Arabia” continues to suppress activists, opinion-makers, and human rights defenders throughout the country.

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