Al-Wahbani , Bin Habtoor briefed at aggression’s damages in Hodeida port

Member of the Supreme Political Council, Jaber Al-Wahbani, and Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, were briefed on the extent of damage to the berths, cranes, incubators, and equipment of Hodeida port, as a result of the direct aggression targeting it.

During the visit, they were the Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Dr. Hussein Maqbouli, the National Vision, Mahmoud Al-Junaid, the Ministers of Transport, Abdul Wahhab Al-Durrah, ,the Minister of Culture, Abdullah Al-Kibsi, the Governor of Hodeida Muhammad Ayash Qahim, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, and the Deputy Minister of Local Administration Qassem Hamran, they listened from the CEO of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation, Captain Muhammad Abu Bakr Ishaq, to an explanation of the extent of the damage to the berths, cranes, incubators and equipment of the port of Hodeida as a result of the aggression targeting it and putting it out of service.

Ishaq indicated that the aggression aimed, by targeting the port, to humiliate the Yemeni people, but the steadfastness, and efforts of the leadership and cadres of Hodeida port thwarted those plans.

He stressed that the port continued to receive the needs of the Yemeni people for food and medicine, despite the severe difficulties facing the port due to the outage of most of the equipment.

The director of the Red Sea Ports Corporation pointed out that there are many equipment, cranes, and incubators in urgent need to replace them with new ones and some for maintenance so that the port can restore its capabilities to what it was before the aggression.

Al-Wahbani and Bin Habtoor pointed to the interest that the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council attach to the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation and its directions to pay more attention to developing its work, despite the damage it suffered as a result of being targeted by the aggression.

Al-Wahbani and Bin Habtour also affirmed the Salvation Government’s keenness to provide the necessary capabilities and needs, according to the capabilities available to Hodeida port, so that it continues to play its role in receiving the needs of the Yemeni people for food and medicine.

For his part, the Minister of Transport called on the United Nations and the international community to quickly lift the siege imposed on Hodeida port, repair what was destroyed by the aggression, and fulfill the promises that were made to repair the cranes that were destroyed by the aggression.

While Hodeida governor, Muhammad Ayash Qahim, appreciated the interest of the supreme leadership and the National Salvation Government in Hodeida province, which resulted in a quantum leap in various sectors.

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