During November, 49 civilians killed, injured by mines, cluster bombs lefted by the aggression

The Executive Center for Mine Action in Sana’a announced the registration of 49 civilian casualties, including dead and wounded, as a result of mines, cluster bombs and remnants of war in seven provinces during November, 2022.

The center confirmed in a statement that the death toll reached 11 civilians, while about 38 others were wounded, distributed in the provinces of Hodeida, Al-Bayda, Jawf, Taiz, Saada, Sanaa, and Marib.

The center attributed the continued fall of victims in these numbers to the presence of thousands of cluster bombs that are still lurking in various Yemeni regions, and the Saudi-led coalition’s continued preventing of entry of detecting devices that would reduce casualties by clearing areas of bombs and remnants of war.

On November 10, the Mine Action Center announced that sounded the alarm regarding the threats of cluster bombs, which are still continuing and their impact extends for decades.

تليقرام انصار الله
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