The US continues to mislead, and continues it aggression and siege on Yemen

The United States of America continues its aggressive moves towards Yemen, in an attempt to mislead domestic and international public opinion. They aim to also justify their continuation of the aggression and blockade, in addition to find an excuse to reject the demands of the Yemeni people, which are represented in the payment of salaries and the lifting of restrictions imposed on airports and ports.

The Central Command of the US Army claimed, on Saturday, that it had seized a ship carrying weapons and ammunition that was on its way to what it described as the “Houthis”.

The United States resorts to publishing such allegations periodically to justify the continuation of the blockade that it leads on the country, as it tries to delude public opinion and the international community that lifting the blockade poses a threat to security and stability in the region.

The latest claim comes within the framework of a series of moves and positions that the United States has recently resorted to justify the continuation of the aggression and blockade, after Sana’a refused to agree to extending the armistice without paying salaries and lifting the criminal restrictions imposed on airports and ports.

During the last period, the United States escalated its direct aggressive moves to mobilize pressure on Sana’a to abandon its position, especially with regard to the equation of protecting wealth through which Sana’a succeeded in preventing the smuggling of crude oil and the plundering of its revenues, as Washington is making intensive efforts to resume the looting process.

These steps come in parallel with continuous efforts to obstruct any achievements that aim to renew the armistice, which will ensure the payment of salaries and the lifting of the blockade on airports and ports, as the US envoy to Yemen works to thwart all understandings in this context.

The United States is also seeking, through allegations of arms control, to justify its aggressive moves off the Yemeni coast, as officials in Sana’a recently confirmed that the American forces are continuing to push reinforcements to impose their hegemony over the international waterways and shipping lines overlooking Yemen, including the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

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