Al-Murtada calls for the formation of an international committee to investigate prisoners of both sides

The head of the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs, Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada, confirmed that the rumors spread by the mercenaries of the American-Saudi aggression about the existence of assaults on prisoners of war in Sana’a are baseless, and aim to cover up the crimes that that their prisoners are the ones who are subjected to violations in the prisons of the enemy and its mercenaries. He called on creating an international commission of inquiry to investigate the prisons of both parties.

Al-Murtada said, “What the mercenaries are promoting about the existence of attacks and abuses against some of the prisoners we have is pure fabrication, and aims to cover up the crimes committed against the prisoners inside their prisons.”

Mercenaries resort to spreading persistent rumors about attacks on their captives in Sana’a. The aim of this is to mislead the public opinion, put pressure on Sana’a, and diverting attention from their crimes against prisoners and detainees.

The aggression coalition and its mercenaries have a long record of brutal crimes that they commit against prisoners of war, starting from executions and liquidation crimes, to torture and inhumane treatment, to refusing to conduct exchange deals, which all result in the prolonging of the suffering of prisoners.

Al-Murtada called for the formation of a commission of inquiry from the United Nations and the Red Cross, with the participation of both parties, to visit all prisons and announce the results of the visit to public opinion.

Mercenaries always evade forming such committees. Because it will reveal the horrific crimes and inhuman treatment to which prisoners are subjected in enemy prisons.

The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs had published documented visits to the detention centers of the enemy’s prisoners, and presented a video as evidence about the method of inhumane and unethical treatment witnessed by those centers, and witnessed by the prisoners themselves.

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