We are ready to confront the enemies if they return to escalation: Sayyed Al-Houthi

Houthi: We'll respond with what's bigger than all previous stages

The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, gave a speech last Wednesday, on the anniversary of the martyr, in which he spoke about the importance of martyrdom for the sake of Allah. He also touched on the current situation of the country, what is the problem with the forces of aggression, and what the enemies want from Yemenis during the armistice period. He also spoke about whether if the armistice is on their position and gives independence to Yemen. Sayyed Al-Houthi warned the forces of aggression against moving things towards escalation, as the next military operations will be much greater than what happened during the last period.

In his speech, the leader of the revolution made it clear that there are two main issues with the forces of aggression, and are why the aggressive coalition is fighting the people of Yemen. The first one is the liberating orientation of the free Yemeni people who want their homeland to be a free, dear, dignified and independent country along with keeping its identity and affiliation with Islam.

Al-Sayed pointed out that the Americans, the Israelis, the British and many European countries and their tools in the region all want Yemen to be completely submissive to them. He added that they want to make military bases for them in any strategic place in the country, for example, in the islands and in the important provinces. They also want to control the vital facilities and to have the political situation under their hands to the extent that they are the ones who choose who will be president, prime minister, or minister, so they want to have the right to choose first.

Al-Sayyed also emphasized that the second problem is that the enemies want their control over the country for its wealth from its oil and gas, and want the people of Yemen to only get small crumbs. In addition, they want the economic situation to remain very distressed and that the people continue to suffer more, while hundreds of billions go in favor of American, Canadian and French companies, and they can give some traitors crumbs as a bribe and the people continue to suffer.

Depriving people of their rights

The Leader continued his talk about the enemies’ plots against the Yemeni people, stressing that the forces of aggression during the armistice and after it do not want to pay the salary of employees from the countrie’s oil and gas, and they have a very big concern for the Yemeni people to obtain their rights. They also block the entry of ships, even though the ships are licensed and inspected, so merchants bear additional costs to increase the prices on civilians.

He stressed that the forces of aggression want every citizen to suffer and that the large class of the people, who are the poor, should suffer. Sayyed Al-Houthi stresses that even in the occupied territories, the economic situation there is much worse.

They want an occupied Yemen

Sayyed Al-Houthi pointed out that the problem of the forces of aggression with them is that they want an occupied Yemen that has lost freedom and independence, and they want control all its matters, big and small.

He added that the forces of aggression work like this in the rest of the matters. At the level of the army, they do not want a national army that protects its country from occupation and protects the sovereignty and independence of the country.

We will not accept what the enemies want

Sayyed Al-Houthi confirmed that we would not accept that from them, and if we did, it would be a loss for us in this world and the hereafter, because what could make us accept that? Will this get us out of some of the suffering that we are currently experiencing from while we are in the right position? He assured that the result will only be worse than that in terms of suffering and without a trace, and therefore we cannot accept what they want. Because they want an occupied country. The Americans put military bases in it wherever they want and in the most important strategic areas. They also want to control the political situation from the level of appointing a president to a general manager, as well as plundering its wealth, and this is what we cannot accept.

Al-Sayyed confirmed that the governorate in which there were no confrontations, such as Hadramout, Al-Mahra, and Socotra isalnd, exposed them and their goals as occupation targets. They went to these areas to build military bases in them, although there are no fronts. This means they want to extend control over the country.

The second challenge: controlling our external position

Al-Sayyed explained that the challenge we face is our external position, as the forces of aggression want us to move in their direction, normalize relations with “Israel”, and be hostile to the Palestinian people and be enemies with Iran without any reason. He explained Iran did not go into war against us or do anything to us. Instead, it declared it is in solidarity with the Yemeni people against this aggression.

He added that the forces of aggression want us, in our external position, to be hostile to Hezbollah who stood with us like no other in the Arab nation. He questioned why be enemies with them? They are not the ones who targeted and kill thousands of the children.

Our problem is with aggression at the national level

Al-Sayyed also talked about our problem with the forces of aggression at the national level, stressing that we insist on liberation, independence and living in dignity because this is part of our religion and our freedom is an essential part.

Al-Sayyed stressed that they will not be hostile to any Islamic country for the sake of America or for the sake of “Israel”, and even if their agents try their best to convince them to do so, he emphasized that their position is clear and principled, and it is a general position towards any Islamic country. He added that they are not the “Emirate” or the “Saudi” to take directives from America.

No waiver of legitimate rights

Al-Sayyed stressed that the forces of aggression are robbing our people of legitimate rights, and this is a big problem because we cannot give them up, because they are no for political maneuvering.

Moreover, he confirmed they will not accept the occupation of the country and the subjugation of the people. Sayyed Al-Houthi also explained they will not live under American hegemony, because freedom is something that Yemenis cannot bargain with, and dignity have no way of giving it up in their dictionary.

On the economic level, Al-Sayyed stressed they will not accept that their oppression of the people of Yemen reaches the point where they prevent them even from the necessary needs, simply because it’s their entitlements.

Sayyed Al-Houthi added that this specific problem that the conflict between the two rivals is now revolving around. The American, Al-Sayyed said, is the main problem, because it is benefiting from the war, and they only want peace from which he can benefit, and this means the peace they seek is the surrender and oppression of Yemen, and Independence is something that cannot be given up.

If things escalate

Al-Sayyed stressed that the forces of aggression should review their policies, and if matters turn to escalation as a result of their stubbornness, we then seek help from Allah as we always did in the previous stages, and our position will be more and more effective and the strikes were bigger and bigger.

Moreover, he addressed the Yemeni people, stressing that the enemies during this stage tend to put us in unfair choices, and the thing that we cannot accept is compromising the dignity of the people and the independence of the country, etc. We have flexibility and we are keen to stop the events, but our position is defense.

“If they return to escalation, we are ready to move beyond all the past stages, and I hope that the people will be more aware, insightful, and more determined and willing to continue confronting the enemies, because their injustice to our country is great and cleat. All over the world, the Saudi and Emirati reputation is criminal and brutal, and their reputation is bad and that they committed heinous crimes,” Sayyed Al-Houthi said.

What concerns us inside the country

Al-Sayyed also stressed that the officials should bear the right view and look at the people from a general perspective, as their responsibility towards the people in general.

In addition, he noted about the importance of striving to strengthen the ties between the official fronts and the popular parties, and to combine efforts. Through cooperation, he said, we can overcome challenges, whatever they may be, and activate the energies and efforts of the people, which are great when the state of cooperation comes.

Al-Sayyed also added that among the things that should be wary of are the endeavors of division, which the enemies are working on, and the racist title, because the enemy is planning to achieve them. On the social level, the enemy spares no effort to take advantage of any opportunity or any conflict to begin a strife to shed blood and drown with problems here and there. We should also strengthen our unifying identity and the common denominators that unite the people, and be aware of the enemy’s methods to foil them.


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