Yemeni children condemn international silence on siege and crimes committed by the aggression

The children of Yemen denounced the international silence regarding the crimes of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression and their blockade against children in Yemen.

A statement issued by the protest organized by the children of Yemen in front of the United Nations building in the capital, Sana’a today, affirmed the continuation of the rallies to convey the voice of the children of Yemen to the whole world, and to work with those who still have humanity in them to recall the crimes of aggression against children so that the Yemeni children obtain their rights and achieve their dreams.

The statement pointed out that international conventions and treaties on children’s rights only serve war criminals and guarantee them peace and security.

The statement of the Yemeni Children’s rally pointed out that the crimes committed by the Saudi-led aggression against children are a disgrace to the civilized world, and will haunt them forever as long as they live.

Moreover, the children stressed that the crimes of aggression continue due to the green light and global neglection, a price that millions of children in Yemen have to pay.

The statement condemned in the strongest terms the continuation of the blockade on medicines, blaming the countries of aggression and the international community for the death of children in hospitals every day and around the clock.

The statement of the children of Yemen stressed the right to life, to bring the perpetrators of crimes to international courts, to expose war criminals and put them on black lists and the internationally wanted list.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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