The dangers of re-escalation expose “U.S. diplomacy”

The White House defends the continuation of the aggression and siege!

The Biden administration’s obstruction of the draft resolution to end the American participation in the aggression against Yemen confirmed that the Yemeni revolutionary and political leadership’s was right about the White House’s position on peace. It is now clear that Washington is deeply keen on continuing the war, blockade, and avoiding any opportunity to reach real solutions, which means that the slogan “American diplomacy” promoted by the Biden administration is nothing but propaganda to mislead public opinion and the world, and that the title “renewal of the armistice” has turned into a cover to buy time and procrastinate.


The White House: Ending the war threatens the “truce”!!


In its attempt to justify its obstruction of the draft resolution that the US Senate intended to vote on to end American participation in the aggression against Yemen and stop support for Saudi Arabia, the Biden administration claimed that the draft resolution would pose a threat to the armistice and would be in the interest of what it called the “Houthis.”


A very poor and illogical argument, which clearly revealed that the White House does not want to take any steps that would bring real positive progress towards ending the war. This is because of the intransigence of the United States, and its rejection of the demands of the Yemeni people and their humanitarian and legal entitlements.


The Yemeni revolutionary and political leadership had read this position clearly before the US administration blocked the draft Senate resolution, as Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi and President Mahdi al-Mashat confirmed that the United States was the one who caused the failure of the efforts to renew the armistice, and does not want actual peace, but seeks to push Sana’a to surrender.


Therefore, the continued participation of the United States in the aggression, and its continued support for Saudi Arabia, is the danger that threatens of a military escalation, and not the Senate draft resolution as claimed by the Biden administration.


According to American media, the White House argued that the draft resolution to end America’s participation in the war on Yemen threatens “American diplomacy” that aims to reach a peace agreement, but this no longer deceives anyone. The draft resolution origin was of the realization of the fact that the White House is lying and does not want to end the war (announcing the cessation of “offensive” support to Saudi Arabia was enough experience to find out).


In this context, the “Voice of America” news website quoted US Senator Bernie Sanders as saying that “there is no diplomatic progress on the ground and violence could erupt at any moment.”


The former UN envoy to Yemen, Jamal bin Omar, commented on the allegations of “American diplomacy” in an interview with “The Intercept,” saying that “there was no political process or real negotiations, or even the possibility of that happening.” He added that all that happened was “temporary calm,” but all sides are preparing for the worst.”


These comments confirm that the White House is trying to take advantage of the relative calm created by the armistice, which is thanks to its continuation due to Sana’a’s response to the mediators’ efforts, to present it as a diplomatic achievement that proves to the public opinion and the world that they are seeking in the path of peace, thus evading the repercussions of continued involvement in aggression and siege.

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