3,083 civilians killed and injured by US-Saudi raids during 2022 in Yemen

A total of 3,083 citizens were killed and injured by the airstrike launched by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition during the year of 2022.

The Eye of Humanity Center for Rights and Development issued a report revealing the civilian victims of the aggression, confirming the death of 643 citizens and the wounding of 2,440 others.

The report indicated that 102 children were killed, and 353 others were wounded. In addition, 27 women were killed and 97 wounded.

The report confirmed that 514 men were killed, and 1,990 others injured.

The source confirmed that the aggression warplanes destroyed 14,367 homes, 134 mosques, 5 tourist facilities, 12 hospitals, 64 educational centers, 1987 agricultural fields and 7 media facilities.

Moreover, the aggression also destroyed 22 power stations, 974 roads and bridges, 46 communication towers and stations, 334 tanks and water stations, and 57 government facilities.

The Humanitarian Eye Center report added that the aggression destroyed during 2022 many business firms, which amount to 229 business facility. In addition, it struck 1022 means of transportation, 29 chicken farms, 37 medicine storehouses, 95 food trucks, 21 fuel stations and 13 fuel tankers.

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