2023: Yemenis mark the beginning of a new phase of war (pictures)

Yesterday, the capital, Sana’a, and various governorates witnessed massive mass rallies in rejection of the siege imposed by the US-Saudi aggression coalition on the Yemeni people that has been going for nearly eight years.

The protests carried several messages, including the mandate for the leadership to take all the necessary measures to protect the rights of the Yemeni people, since the blockade is still imposed on Yemen and the salaries of civil employees are still not paid because of the intransigence of the US-Saudi aggression. In addition, the aggressive coalition is still killing civilians and launching its economic war.

As a result, the National Salvation Government in Sana’a, which has assured to protect the wealth of besieged Yemen, preserve the rights of the Yemeni people and serve their interests, will not neglect the interests of its people, nor will it continue the policy of starvation and violation of human rights imposed by the aggression.

Observers said that based on the warnings of the Yemeni state and all its governmental institutions, the ones that bear the responsibility for the repercussions and legal consequences is the one who occupies the land, and continues to tamper with its resources and capabilities. Millions, marking the inauguration of a new phase of confrontation, which the enemy wants to be in the form of a long-term blockade as compensation for its military and political field deficit.

The observers added that in order for the enemy not to have what it wants, the Yemeni people are preparing for a new phase of the war, which began with the organization of large national rallies in the capital, Sana’a, and the governorates to announce the rejection of the continuation of the status quo as it is and the rejection of any economic escalation. Not only that, but also to warn the enemy of the consequences of any procrastination, warning that keeping Yemen under siege for an indefinite period would bring a new heated wave of confrontations, unless. The participants in the rallies stressed that the imposed blockade will be considered as a war that is fiercer than the military war.

The observers emphasized that the war of starvation will not be confined to Yemen, but rather a war destined to explode as a missile lava that hits the depth of the countries of the aggression, because it will not be a one-sided conflict, but a war faced with another war, and a siege repaid with a siege.



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