The UAE strengthens its presence in Mukalla, Hadramout


Posted on January 19, 2023

Ansarollah website – Hadramout – The UAE statelet strengthened its occupation presence in the city of Mukalla in the occupied Hadramout governorate.

Local sources stated that the UAE has sent new military reinforcements to Hadhramaut governorate, eastern Yemen, in conjunction with its continued military build-up to pounce on the last strongholds of the Islah militia in the oil plateau.

Media loyal to the aggression stated that a new Emirati military cargo plane landed at Al-Rayyan airport in the city of Mukalla, carrying Emirati officers and many military equipment and ammunition.

They explained that military reinforcements will be sent to the UAE militia stationed on the outskirts of the city of Seiyun, where the so-called forces are stationed. The “First Military Zone” loyal to the pro-Saudi Al-Islah militias. The Emirati reinforcements are the second of their kind in less than ten days, after the arrival of a similar military cargo plane at Al-Rayyan Airport, loaded with intelligence vehicles and devices, last week.

The developments come in light of the escalation of tensions between the aggression militias in Hadramout amid expectations of an imminent explosion of direct confrontations.

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