Dead and wounded in an explosion targeting the Emirati occupation militia in Al-Rawda district,


Posted on January 21, 2023

Four members of the militia of the so-called Transitional Council of the UAE occupation were killed or wounded, on Saturday, as a result of a violent explosion that targeted a military vehicle they were traveling in in the occupied Shabwa governorate.

Multiple sources reported that an explosive device exploded from a distance, while a military crew of the so-called transitional militia was passing through Al-Majaza area of Al-Rawda district, Shabwa governorate, indicating that the explosion resulted in the death of a soldier and the wounding of 3 other UAE mercenaries, in serious condition, as they were transferred to Azzan Hospital. They noting that the explosion damaged and destroyed the military crew.

This operation comes within the framework of the fighting, assassinations and mutual liquidation operations between the tools and mercenaries of the aggression coalition in the occupied governorates, amid the escalation of these operations in Shabwa and Abyan, which are witnessing assassinations on a daily basis, targeting military and security leaders affiliated with the Transitional Council

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