29 civilians killed and wounded; Saudi aggression escalates its crimes in Saada and Hodeidah

The coalition of US-Saudi-Emirati aggression and their mercenaries have escalated their brutal crimes against Yemeni civilians in the governorates of Saada and Al-Hodeidah during the past three days.

In Saada, north of Yemen, three citizens and 15 others were killed as a result of the continuous artillery shelling of the Saudi enemy on bordering areas within the districts of Munabbeh, Shada, Razih and Qataber during the past 72 hours.

This comes at a time when security statistics revealed the death of seven citizens and the wounding of 91 others as a result of the continuous Saudi bombing of Saada during the last month.

In Hodeidah, the Saudi aggression espionage combat drones targeted, with ten raids, the villages of Dakum and Al-Budi, in the Al-Sharja area of Al-Jarrahi district, south of Al-Hodeidah, killing three children, seriously wounding a fourth, and damaging a number of houses and various properties.

This comes in light of the daily occurrence of many civilian casualties as a result of the explosion of the remnants of the aggression, which include forbidden cluster bombs, mines, and airstrikes that spread in most of the Yemeni governorates.

Last Wednesday, a number of three civilians were injuured as a result of a mine explosion that was left by the mercenaries of the aggression in Al-Hawk district, Al-Hodeidah governorate.

In addition, three Yemenis were injured after their car was damaged with a blast of a mine planted by the mercenaries of the aggression in Bani-Abs district, in Hajjah province.

In the province of Saaa, a child was seriously wounded by the explosion of remnants of a forbidden cluster bomb in Maran area, district of Haydan district.

These brutal crimes against civilians by the aggression and the hypocrites are being committed in light of suspicious international silence, which confirms that the path to peace in Yemen is still thorny and that the aggression and traitors are still hungry for even more brutal crimes.

قد يعجبك ايضا