Yemeins condemn the burning of copies of the Holy Quran

Today, Sunday, in Yemeni district , mass tribal stands were organized to condemn the crimes of burning copies of the Noble Qur’an in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.

The participants in the stands considered the silence of the regimes affiliated with Islam as a disgrace and a great betrayal of the nation’s issues and the sanctities of Islam, which are frequently abused by Western countries serving the Zionist lobby, especially since these regimes were the first to condemn the heroic operation that targeted the Zionist enemy in Palestine.

They affirmed that the Holy Qur’an is a project of glory and elevation, and it calls on the systems and peoples of Islam to move and not to be complacent about this Jewish conspiracy that targets the Book of God, whose verses in more than one surah urged for  jihad and fighting the Jews who constitute the greatest enemy of the religion of Islam.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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