A protest stand in Al_Faqih Housr in Hodeidah, denouncing the burning of copies of the Noble Qur’an

Posted on February 1, 2023

Ansarollah website – Hodeidah – 10 Rajab 1444 AH


Today, Wednesday, the sons of Bani Maqbool in Al-Faqih district of Hodeidah governorate organized a stand to denounce the crime of burning copies of the Noble Qur’an in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

In the vigil, sheikhs, dignitaries, and sons of isolation denounced the repeated abuses of Islamic sanctities and provoking the feelings of Muslims with these degrading acts.

They affirmed their adherence to the Holy Qur’an and its methodology, considering the silence of the puppet regimes on these actions as a betrayal of the Islamic religion.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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