Geological Survey Condemns US-Saudi Looting of Mineral Resources

Yemen Geological Survey and Mineral Resources condemned the looting of mineral resources in the occupied Yemen’s islands and governorates by the countries involved in aggression.

In a statement, it affirmed its rejection of all forms of looting and violations committed by the US-Saudi aggression, affirming the right of Yemen and its firm position to defend its lands in full.

The statement also confirmed that the UAE regime commits repeated and continuous violations that are outside international laws.

The coalition of aggression is trying to tighten the siege on the people of Yemen and adopt a policy of reducing the introduction of oil with the aim of increasing the economic and humanitarian crisis in the country.

The forces of aggression, and behind them the US, continue to steal the wealth of the Yemeni People from oil and gas. At the same time, they support projects of chaos and starvation, in light of the very difficult living and economic conditions experienced by the people of the occupied southern and eastern regions.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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