The local authority in Ibb receives the released prisoner, Sadiq Moftah


Posted on February 6, 2023
Ansarollah website – Ibb – 15 Rajab 1444 AH

Today, Monday, the local Secretary-General of Ibb Governorate, Amin Al-Warafi, received the released prisoner, Sadiq Abdo Naji Moftah, from Al-Qafr District, who was released from Al-Dhalea front in a prisoner exchange process.

During the reception, Al-Warafi affirmed the interest of the state and the government in releasing all prisoners, following up the missing, caring for the wounded and the families of the martyrs, considering honoring the prisoners and celebrating their liberation as the least that can be offered for their sacrifices in defense of the homeland.

While the First Undersecretary of the governorate, Abdul Hameed Al-Shahri, praised the heroic stances of the prisoner Moftah and all the prisoners and army heroes in confronting the aggression and thwarting its plans.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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