WHO Disregards Lives of Patients with Renal Failure

The Ministry of Health declares that the lives of kidney failure patients are in danger, while the World Health Organization ignores it.

Al-Masirah obtained correspondence between the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, revealing the UN’S renunciation of its responsibility towards patients with kidney failure, after a year of official requests to provide the patients’ medical needs.

The correspondence showed that the World Health Organization ordered the Ministry of Health in Sana’a to search for local funding, after a year of waiting and the stock of dialysis centers had run out.

In a another letter to the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health expressed its shock and described the timing of its response as late and disavowing responsibility towards patients with kidney failure.

The ministry said, the organization knows that the US has imposed a siege on Yemen and we do not have financial resources to face the catastrophic depletion of stocks of medicines and solutions for kidney failure.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health for the therapeutic medicine sector, Dr. Ali Jahaf, explained that the ministry earlier had held meetings in November with all organizations in Yemen to remind them of the importance of providing medicines and dialysis solutions.

He stated that the ministry does not have enough stock in dialysis centers, and it may not be possible to hold on until next March only.

Jahaf said that if the ministry did not receive any emergency supplies during this February, Yemen is facing a catastrophe that threatens the lives of kidney failure patients.


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