Al-Ruwaishan: The martyr Al-Sammad was a wise leader for the country in difficult circumstances

Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defense Affairs Lieutenant General Jalal Al-Ruwaishan affirmed that the martyr president Saleh Ali Al-Sammad proved that he is the best who led the country in difficult circumstances.

In an interview with Almasirah, on Friday, Lieutenant General Al-Ruwaishan said: “the martyr Al-Sammad did not change before and during his assumption of the presidency.”

He added, “the martyr al-Sammad drew a path for building the modern Yemeni state.”

Regarding the negotiations, Lieutenant General Al-Ruwaishan indicated that the Saudi-backed parties put obstacles in “the wheel that we hoped would move through Omani mediation”.

He noted that until today nothing has been achieved, and we are still under aggression and we suffer daily US-imposed siege.

Al-Ruwaishan stressed that the international community and should understand Sayyed Abdul-Malik’s messages that he launched yesterday and keep pace with what the stage requires in order to save the peace before losing it.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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