Sanaa’s Criminal Court orders imprisonment of Al-Momari, Allao, Hajar, Al-Mesbahi

The Specialized Criminal Court of First Instance in the capital Sanaa issued prison sentences on Tuesday for Ahmed Yahya Ali Allaw, Mustafa Muhammad Ahmed Hassan Al-Momari, and Ahmed Ahmed Abdel-Khaleq Ali Hajar, after they were convicted of the crime of broadcasting news with the aim of disturbing public security.

The court also convicted Hammoud Muhammad Ahmed Al-Misbahi of the crime of providing assistance to the second convict, Al-Momari, in committing the crime, which is attributed to them in the indictment and as indicated in the merits.

The ruling ruled that the first convict, Allao, be sentenced to three years in prison, the second convict, Al-Moumri, to one and a half years in prison, the third convict, Hajar, to one year in prison, and the fourth convict, Al-Mesbahi, to six months in prison, starting from the date of their arrest.

The verdict included closing the channels and accounts of the convicts, from the first to the third, on social media sites.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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