Unified Outrage: Yemeni and Regional Condemnation of the Brutal Zionist Attack on Gaza

The Yemeni and regional scenes witnessed a wave of anger and strong condemnations following the brutal massacre committed by the Zionist enemy at dawn on Tuesday, 19th of Shawwal, in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the death of three leaders of the Islamic Jihad Movement, along with their families and a large number of citizens.

The Yemeni Scholars Association called for the unification of efforts to confront the Zionists, condemning the treacherous Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people and the assassination of three leaders from the Islamic Jihad Movement. The association reiterated its full solidarity with the Palestinian people and emphasized the importance of jihad and resistance as a sacred duty, calling for unity and strengthening of efforts and resources to confront the Zionists under a single umbrella.

The Political Bureau of Ansar Allah called on Arab nations to support the resistance, mourning the martyrdom of the senior leaders in the Al-Quds Brigades and their families. The statement praised the Palestinian people’s sacrifices and reaffirmed the Yemeni people’s support for the Palestinian cause, expressing confidence in the ability of the jihadist movements to confront the enemy’s arrogance.

Ansar Allah spokesman, Mohammed Abdul Salam, considered the Zionist enemy’s assassination of the Jihad leaders and their families in Gaza a disgrace. He expressed confidence in the strength and ability of the Palestinian resistance to respond, asserting the right of the Palestinian resistance to take the confrontation to the utmost limits until the enemy realizes the inevitable price it will pay. He also called on the people of the region to support the Palestinian people and their brave resistance.

The Alliance of Parties in Sana’a condemned the attack on residential homes in Palestine, which resulted in numerous casualties, including women and children. The statement emphasized that the killing policies will not provide salvation for the enemy and that the martyrs’ blood will only strengthen the Palestinian people and their resistance’s determination to liberate their land fully.

Hezbollah declared its full support for all options taken by the Palestinian resistance to deter the Zionist enemy, stressing that the Zionist enemy’s crime against the resistance leaders in Gaza will only increase awareness, unity, and determination to continue the path of jihad and resistance until achieving complete victory.

The Global Assembly called on the Arab and Islamic nations and all free people in the world to support the resistance with money and weapons, condemning the treacherous and cowardly assassination operation of three leaders of the Islamic Jihad Movement and others in Palestine.

The Zionist enemy’s air raids at dawn on Tuesday targeted the homes of three leaders of the Islamic Jihad Movement, resulting in their martyrdom along with 13 of their family members and injuring 20 others.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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