Yemen Reaffirms Its Support for the Palestinian People and Their Resistance

Sana’a has renewed its commitment to its principled position of supporting the Palestinian people and their resistance against the Zionist enemy. The president of the Supreme Political Council announced Yemen’s support for all deterrent options against the Israeli enemy, calling on the Islamic world to support the Palestinian resistance in its holy battle.

In statements published by the official news agency “Saba”, President Al-Mashat praised the Palestinian resistance’s response to the recent crimes of the Zionist enemy, which included the assassination of leaders from “Saraya Al-Quds.”

The president confirmed that the Republic of Yemen – its leadership, government, and people – supports all deterrent options decided upon and taken by the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist enemy.

Palestinian resistance factions have launched hundreds of rockets at settlements and cities occupied by the Zionist enemy in Palestine in response to its ongoing crimes.

President Al-Mashat offered condolences to the Islamic Jihad movement on the martyrdom of senior leaders Jihad Ghanem, Khalil Al-Bahtini, and Tareq Ezzaldin, who were assassinated by the Zionist enemy along with their families.

The president also offered condolences to the Palestinian people for the martyrdom of children and women as a result of the Zionist enemy’s airstrikes on their homes.

The president emphasized that the behavior of the Zionist enemy reveals to all the people of the Arab and Islamic nation that it is an extension of the criminal Jewish mentality that Allah has informed of.

The president praised the unity of the Palestinian people’s position and the Palestinian resistance movements in responding to the Zionist enemy and deterring it, which has thwarted the enemy’s attempt to target the Islamic Jihad movement individually.

The president reiterated Yemen’s principled and religious stance in support of the Palestinian people in regaining all their legitimate rights, calling on Arab and Islamic countries to adopt supportive positions for the Palestinian people and their resistance, and to support them with money and weapons.

قد يعجبك ايضا