Massive Rally in Sana’a Marks Anniversary of “The Al-Sarkha Against the Arrogant”

The Yemeni capital Sana’a witnessed a massive rally this Wednesday morning in Bab al-Yemen Square, commemorating the annual anniversary of “The Al-Sarkha Against the Arrogant,” under the slogan “The Slogan… Weapon and Stance 1444H.”

The crowds participating in the march chanted slogans denouncing the enemies of the nation and shouted for freedom and innocence from the forces of global domination and arrogance. They expressed their absolute rejection of US and Zionist policies and their crimes against the Arab and Islamic nations.

The demonstrators held up banners emphasizing the need to continue boycotting American-Zionist products and to confront the forces of oppression, tyranny, and global arrogance.

The rally goers affirmed their commitment to steadfastness, resilience, and adherence to the Quranic project and the Al-Sarkha launched by the martyr leader Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi against the arrogant. They opposed the American-Zionist colonial projects and rejected guardianship and subordination, pointing out that the Al-Sarkha has become a symbol of freedom and a slogan for the free, intimidating the arrogant nations and will echo everywhere despite aggression and siege.

During the rally, a high-ranking political advisor, Mohammad Muftah, explained that the martyr leader raised the Al-Sarkha against the arrogant at a time when the strongest countries and systems succumbed to the United States. He said that major transformations have taken place on all levels in favor of the Quranic project since the beginning of the Al-Sarkha until the present day. Muftah added that the Yemeni people are at the forefront of confronting American tyranny, with regional tools being used by the US administration to attack Yemen, resulting in failure and disappointment.

He noted that the Saudi regime, a client of the US and Zionism, fights on its land against those who raise the Al-Sarkha and will find itself besieged by it. He emphasized that the Al-Sarkha is no longer exclusive to one current but has become a slogan for all the free in confronting American tyranny. He clarified that the Al-Sarkha is an introduction to culture, awareness, and mobilization for boycotting American and Zionist products and confronting the global tide of disintegration and corruption.

In his speech, Dr. Ahmad al-Shami highlighted that when the Americans raised their deceptive slogan of “war on terror” to strike against Islam, the martyr leader raised the slogan of truth. He pointed out that America leads the aggression against Yemen, obstructs peace, and insists on continuing the fighting, proving the correctness of the martyr leader’s position.

Al-Shami explained that the slogan has thwarted the enemies’ plans, broken the barrier of fear, and directed hostility towards those who oppose and fight the nation. It has exposed collaborators and extremists and unmasked the false democracy and freedom slogans of the United States.

He added that one of the most important practical steps of the Quranic project was the weapon of boycotting enemy goods and products as a factor in nation-building and achieving self-sufficiency. He warned the Arab Zionists, as the leader had warned them, that America is in decline and should not pin their hopes on them or continue their aggression against Yemen.

A statement issued by the rally affirmed that the Quranic project is a project of revival and construction for the nation and is the way out for the nation to confront its enemies and liberate itself from their control and conspiracies. The statement noted that the slogan has broken the barrier of fear and the prevailing silence among the nation, and it is a weapon and stance against the enemies.

The statement clarified that the slogan has redirected the compass of hostility towards the real enemy, “America and Israel,” and has protected the nation from penetration. It confirmed that the economic boycott of American and Israeli products is an effective and influential weapon against the enemies, and aims to stop the nation’s financial support for its enemy.

The statement emphasized that boycott is a fundamental factor in building and developing the nation’s economy, as it drives the country towards production and self-sufficiency instead of relying on its enemies.

The statement also reiterated that the state of aggression against our country continues and the unjust siege on our people persists. It affirmed that the Yemeni people will not remain silent about the continuation of the aggression, siege, looting of national wealth, and occupation.

The statement stated that the Yemeni people will confront the aggression with all their strength, firmness, and determination, more than the enemies expected, as the people are fully prepared for all the options directed by the leader of the revolution, Sayyid Abdulmalik Badreddin Al-Houthi.

The statement pointed out that America leads the coalition of aggression and siege on the Yemeni people, and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the implementing tools of this aggression. It added that we say to the countries of aggression that they have failed and lost, and they must stop their aggression, lift the siege, and end their occupation.

The statement emphasized the necessity for the countries of aggression to work on addressing the files of war, its humanitarian and economic effects, including the file of prisoners, compensation for damages, and reconstruction. It noted that what is happening in the occupied provinces is part of the enemies’ conspiracies aimed at dividing and fragmenting the country.

The statement considered that the tools of aggression, in all their names, represent the will of the occupier and implement their plans that target the country’s unity, sovereignty, and independence, and they have no connection to the Yemeni people. It pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s attempt to present itself as a mediator is a transparent and exposed move, and whoever took on the responsibility of this war must bear its consequences and work on addressing its effects.

The statement stressed that the Yemeni people will not allow Saudi Arabia to withdraw from the war without fulfilling its peace commitments. It reiterated the steadfast and principled position of the Yemeni people towards the issues of the nation, including the Palestinian cause, and affirmed standing with the movements of jihad and resistance in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and other Islamic countries.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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