The Action Offshore organization filing a lawsuit against a German company on charges of maintaining ships belonging to the aggression


Posted on May 27, 2023


A German newspaper stated, on Saturday, that the “Action Offshore” organization had filed a criminal complaint in the city of Karlsruhe against the German arms manufacturer, “Rheinmetall”. For aiding and abetting war crimes in Yemen.

The German newspaper “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” indicated that in December 2022 AD, the organization filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against the arms company in “Dusseldorf” for aiding and abetting war crimes in Yemen, indicating that “Rheinmetall” had maintained the warships of the UAE occupation that were launching an aggressive war in Yemen since 2015 AD, and these ships are also used in the naval blockade on Yemen.

At the time, the UAE reportedly transported four Rheinmetall employees with military aircraft from Abu Dhabi to the coastal city of Assab in Eritrea, where the Emiratis’ warships were located, which were to be modified, including new programs and guns.

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