Four citizens killed , injured in an explosion of a remnant of the aggression in Al-Jawf


Posted on May 27, 2023
Ansarollah website – Al-Jawf

Today, Saturday, four citizens were killed and injured when a body left by the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition exploded in Al-Masloub district in Al-Jawf governorate.

A security source confirmed the death of two brothers, and the injury of two other people, when a body left behind by the aggression exploded in Al-Ghurfa area near the ancient city of Al-Bayda in Al-Masloub district, pointing out that the area is still contaminated with dozens of bombs and mines left by the aggression and its mercenaries.

The source condemned the continuation of the countries of the aggression coalition in preventing the entry of mine detectors, which led to doubling the number of victims.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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