Yemen’s Struggle for Peace: Aggressor Countries Hinder Peace Path

Aggressor nations continue to stall on the renewal of the ceasefire, by not implementing the humanitarian conditions set by Sana’a. Many analysts are trying to market the idea that implementing these humanitarian conditions will provide political gains for Sana’a, while ignoring the humanitarian situation in all regions of Yemen caused by the blockade. Saudi Arabia is betting that maintaining the current situation, meaning no ceasefire and no war, will allow it to infiltrate Yemeni society and push it to pressure the Salvation Government to make a concession in order to renew the ceasefire.

We say to the aggressor countries, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and their allies: the Yemeni people know their enemy and understand the schemes they are being targeted with. Over the past years, they have relied on Allah, defended their homeland and their rights with all available means, and with simple weaponry and popular support, at a time when the enemy was at the peak of its power and possessed various types of weapons, intelligence support, and logistical aid provided by most countries of the world and the United Nations.

As a result of their legendary resilience and extraordinary ability to manufacture their weapons with their own hands and achieve great victories, they were able to impose their conditions for agreeing to a temporary ceasefire. When the enemy tried to circumvent the ceasefire conditions, the Yemeni army managed to turn the tables, successfully closing the ports from which the country’s oil was being stolen, and is capable of closing the enemy’s ports if they do not respond to the conditions for renewing the ceasefire.

The people, who have this faith in Allah’s victory and the ability to overcome difficulties, are capable of opening their airports and ports, lifting the blockade on their children by force, and if the enemy does not take advantage of the opportunity presented by Sana’a, represented by the humanitarian conditions to extend the ceasefire, then the Yemeni people, under the revolutionary and political leadership, are ready and able to wage war once again, teaching the enemy lessons it will never forget, especially since their military arsenal has expanded and they now possess new weapons.

The Yemeni people have their independent decision and are prepared to wage war at any time the leadership deems necessary, without needing approval from anyone and not being obliged to consider the positions of others; their religion and values require them to confront the conspiracies of enemies and reclaim their rights, which the aggressor nations want to stall on by using all their power. Therefore, when the leadership sees that the enemy is stalling on the people’s rights, it will not hesitate to wage war once again, and the people, the army, and the leadership will stand united against their enemies.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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