The death of a doctor inside the prisons of the Emirati occupation in Aden as a result of brutal torture


Posted on June 6, 2023

Human crimes and violations continue in the occupied southern governorates under the control of the aggression coalition and its tools, where a forcibly detained doctor died in the UAE occupation prisons in Aden, on Tuesday, after he was subjected to brutal torture.

Yesterday, activists on social media confirmed that the dentist, Radwan Muhammad al-Siyad, died in the People’s Directorate police prison, five days after his arrest, at the hands of the militia of the so-called Transitional Council affiliated with the UAE occupation.

The activists added that the Transitional Council’s militia had arrested Doctor “Al-Siyad” a few days ago, against the backdrop of disputes over grounds, as the victim’s family had previously submitted requests for his release because of his health condition and the referral of the case to the prosecution,but the UAE occupation militia refused to release him.

The doctor’s family accuses the Emirati occupation and the so-called transitional government of being behind the killing of their son after he was assaulted, tortured and beaten, calling on all human rights and humanitarian organizations to support them and put pressure on them to conduct an urgent investigation into the crime.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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